Monday, September 29, 2014

Rhapsody in Blue: Yard Built XJR1300

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Yes, we think this Yamaha 'Rhapsody in Blue' XJR1300 is totally cool!

Japanese custom motorcycle builder, Keinosuke 'Keino' Sasaki (of Keino Cycles) and Yamaha have collaborated to build Keino's take on the XJR1300 - the 'Rhapsody in Blue' that you see here. This motorcycle, according to Yamaha, is born from the search for inspiration for the company's future 'Sports Heritage' range of bikes.

Keino’s Rhapsody in Blue XJR1300 features a hand-crafted fuel tank that's lower and slimmer than the original, with a unique fuel cap. There's also a hand-crafted tailpiece, springer-type front suspension, custom brake mounts, a new headlight assembly and custom handlebars. The bike also gets a Brembo brake upgrade, exposed air-filters and a single seat on top of a unique rear frame and custom tail section. The rear shocks match the front springer system and the rear light is from a vintage British MG sports car! Oh, well, we quite like this Yamaha - it's damn cool, we think.

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