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Fred Krugger's BMW K1600-based art deco custom looks fabulous

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Fred Krugger says that this art deco custom is inspired by the 1930s and the aerodynamics of that industrial era

Born in 1970, in Belgium, Fred Krugger started riding motorcycles from the age of five, with the Honda CR50 Elsinor being his first steed. Later, over the years, he raced in Belgian Enduro and Motocross series, winning two National Enduro championships. By 1989, he was done with racing and moved on to coachbuilding in the 1990s. These days, he's a custom bike builder and, we have to say, a very talented one at that. Need proof of that? Just look at the machine here, which he built at the request of BMW Motorrad. Based on a BMW K1600, Krugger's bike took first place at a competition for custom-built bikes, at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne, Germany, last week. No mean feat, that, since the competition had about a hundred participants from 23 different countries.

Krugger's custom-built BMW features the K1600GT's six-cylinder engine, which produces 165bhp and 175Nm of torque. According to Fred, the bike is inspired by the 1930s and the early aerodynamics of that industrial era. With its art deco styling and extensive use of one-off hand-built parts, the bike took 3,000 hours to build, and we have to say we love the end result. Surprisingly enough, Fred was able to keep almost all of the K1600's complex electronics, despite having to relocate the extensive wiring and ABS unit etc. Shows what you can accomplish with a bit of perseverance and a huge amount of talent!

Fred Krugger would like to thank the following for making it possible for him to build this K1600-based custom bike: BMW, Beringer Brake, Ruby Helmet, Wildghog leather, Motogadget, Avon Tyres, Curt Maeseneire (for technical assistance for the electronic management), BMW Delbecq for photographs, Thierry Dricot for the photo studio, and Ben, Miguel Vincent and David Nicolay

For more information you can contact Fred Krugger on or call him on +3280684559 or visit his website

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Despite the six-cylinder engine, Krugger's machine looks nice and slim, and the single-side front and rear swingarms look really cool!

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