Tuesday, November 04, 2014

“RC213V-S will be the ultimate road going motorcycle,” says Honda

Casey Stoner rides the new Honda RC213V-S

The HRC-developed Honda RC213V-S. Coming soon to a Honda dealership near you. Not that you'd be able to afford one, but still...

MotoGP bikes for the street’ seems to be the theme for litre-class superbikes that are being unveiled at the EICMA in Italy this year. First there was the very impressive M1-inspired Yamaha YZF-R1M and now Honda have let loose with the RC213V-S, a street-legal version of their MotoGP machine! Admittedly, the RC213V-S, which has been developed by the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), is still only a prototype, but we suppose it’s not too far off from becoming (limited) production reality. The Japanese company has not released any tech specs and does not say when the bike will go into production, but we suppose those details will also be out sometime soon.

It doesn’t matter whether or not the world needs 200+ horsepower streetbikes – machines like the RC213V-S are a showcase for sheer engineering prowess, and gives mega-rich motorcycle enthusiasts something to aspire to. “Inspired by, and developed with input from legendary GP riders, the RC213V-S is set to be the ultimate road going motorcycle,” says a press note from Honda. Terrific. Bring it on, then.

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