Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ducati XDiavel chosen as ‘Best-looking bike’ by EICMA visitors

A well-deserved victory for the Ducati XDiavel, which really is a very good looking bike!

The stunningly beautiful Ducati XDiavel has won the ‘Best-looking bike’ title at this year’s EICMA, in Milan, with 61% of visitors and attendees voting in favour of this new Ducati in the ‘Vote for the best-looking bike and win it’ competition organised by Italian magazine Motociclismo. With a total of 11,369 EICMA attendees choosing to participate in this competition, 6,910 people voted in favour of the XDiavel, giving it an easy victory over all other bikes on display this year.

The votes were counted on Sunday, 22nd November, at the Motociclismo stand, and Andrea Ferraresi (Ducati Design Center Director) who received the award on behalf of Ducati. A very well deserved win, we think, for the Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer.

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