Friday, October 07, 2016

2017 BMW K1600GT unveiled at the Intermot

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The inline-six powered BMW K1600GT gets upgraded electronics, added refinement and new colours for 2017. And it remains one of the best touring motorcycle available on the planet

BMW have taken the wraps off the new K1600GT super-tourer, which gets a few updates for 2017. The bike;s 1600cc inline-six is now Euro 4-compliant, while output remains unchanged at 160 horsepower and 175Nm of torque.ESA electronic suspension with automatic damping adaptation is now standard, with road and dynamic modes, and is said to enhance both ride comfort and handling. In the 'road' mode, damping adaptation remains fully automated and is optimised for comfort and traction over all kinds of surfaces. 'Dynamic' mode is a bit more sport-oriented, tightening things up and optimising settings for high-speed handling and cornering. Electrically adjustable spring preload offers additional scope for customising the bike's behaviour, especially with a co-passenger on board.

The 2017 BMW K1600GT also gets a new 'reverse assist' system, which is activated via a button mounted on the left handlebar. This allows a rider to move the bike backwards more easily by providing power assistance while reversing, thereby doing away with the need to rely on muscle power alone. The new optional 'shift assistant pro' allows clutchless upshifts and downshifts, while the instrument cluster has also been redesigned for better readability. Lastly, parts of the bodywork and windscreen have been redesigned for better wind deflection and improved weather protection.

The new K1600GT comes with BMW's 'Intelligent Emergency Call' system as an optional extra, which can provide rapid assistance in the event of an accident or other emergency situation. If such a situation or an accident occurs, the intelligent emergency call is activated automatically or manually, sending the position data of the motorcycle and therefore the coordinates of the scene of the accident, setting the rescue chain in motion via a qualified BMW Call Center.

New colours for the 2017 BMW K1600GT include metallic red, metallic black and metallic blue. Pricing and availability details to be announced soon.

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When it's time to travel far and fast, the K1600GT is the touring bike you want

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