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Due to the width of the master cylinder, some people like the symmetrical look with a shorter peg on the brake side. The shift side footrest is 6?" long while the brake side footrest is 5?" long. This helps keep the footrest protrusion equal from centerline of the motorcycle. Use with our matching handgrips and passenger pegs to complete the look.

For those of you who prefer fold up pegs, use these 6?" long footrests sets with matching shifter peg. Footrests are drilled and tapped for 3/8-16 thread and include stainless steel mounting hardware. Use with our matching handgrips and passenger pegs to complete the matched look.


These Chrome Plated Billet Extensions are ideal for fitting your body to your bike for a "Custom Fit" riding position. Using the FXR Forward Controls, choose the 1? " extension for a slight stretch, the 4" extension for a little more stretch and the 6" extension is intended for those log legged riders. Fits FXR 1982/Later, DYNA Models 1991/Later, & Sportster 1984/Later


Choose the coordinating Shift Control Rod from the chart below for the finishing touch to your Excel Forward Controls. For Ratchet Top Transmission use 70017 FX dust cover and shifter lever kit.

Standard & 1? " Extended

Confederate Motorcycle Company

The duPont REGISTRY, February 2003

A Buyers Gallery of Fine Automobiles 9th annual Choices edition offering the best of two worlds.


On the one hand, the 571 horsepower Lamborghini Murcielago with the elegance of heritage and the power of legend, in lime green and on four wheels. On the other, the 135 horsepower definition of non-conformance and refined vision, the equally unique, advanced yet defiant, Confederate G2 on two wheels. One is the ultimate expression of Italian design and engineering, the other is a bold display of simple raw American power with a design revolution all its own.

Lets say you opt for four wheels. Our cover car is the 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago in factory lime green with a 571 horsepower V12 capable of speeds over 200 miles per hour. This particular car is owned by recording artist Busta Rhymes and has been finished by Unique Autosport in Uniondale, NY. The interior was completely refinished in white leather with green piping to match the exterior. Unique Autosport added the logo of Bustas Flipmode Records embroidered on the headrests and custom floor mats. Dazz Motorsport was tapped for their Maya chrome wheels which they developed specifically for this car and then expanded to other high end sport applications. with 19 Pirellis on the front, 20 Pirellis on the back. The complete Panasonic audio system was designed and perfected with the help of Rob Lopez at Panasonic Car Audio. The whole package came together in only two weeks. We had to. Says Unique Autosports Will Castro. When Lamborghini announced the Murcielago for 2003, Busta wanted it for the Funk Master Flex 2nd Annual Celebrity Car Show in August. We got the car in mid July!

Our two wheel offering comes from boutique motorcycle design house and very limited production craft shop, Confederate Motorcycles. Founded in 1991 by lawyer H. Matthew Chambers, Confederate Motorcycles started with a clean sheet of paper. Designers drew a chassis and power train mounting system for the classic American V-twin style engine with a no compromise mindset. A rigid chassis, patented engine mounting system, ease of serviceability and ultimate reliability were the priorities and the building blocks of the new machine.

The first production Hellcat G1 was launched in model year 1997. Over the next five years the planned production run of 500 machines was commissioned and manufactured. Adoring fans and the motorcycle press made living legends of the Hellcat G1. After road testing the 1st generation Confederate, Cycle World declared the Hellcat G1 to be The Lamborghini of Motorcycles.

The second generation (G2) Hellcat on our cover represents a proper evolution of the first series. Pure, fluid, simple. There is no ornamentation. Design enhancements include lighter weight, with greater rigidity, more comfortable ergonomics, improved suspension, brakes, lighting, all carbon fiber body pieces and a handmade over square 114 cubic inch 135 horsepower engine.

Expecting to build only three machines per week, production began on January 2nd and will be completed over the next five years.

So there you have it, Two wheels or four? For the well-appointed garage of the duPont REGISTRY reader the correct answer could only be, Both!


Quantrill Motorcycle Trading Post: Eagle Rider Rental Specials

Must be dropped off at Orlando location

All options include the following: $1.000.000 third party Liability and Medical Insurance included in daily rate. Daily rental rate does not include optional VIP Insurance coverage ($14/day) that is purchased for theft or damage coverage.

Transfers to/from international airports, airport hotels or recommended hotels

Free use of motorcycle helmets for rider and passenger, saddlebags, and road maps.