Bike Checks

Motorbike HPI Check

Our recent survey asked how many bike owners ran a check on a motorcycle before they bought it. We then asked the same number of car owners the same question with some staggering differences.

150 car owners if: Did you run a car check (like an HPI Check) on the car before buying it. 131 said yes they did buy a check before buying, regardless of if it were from a dealers or privately.

We ask 150 motorcycle owners: Did you run a bike check before buying? Only 47 said that they did indeed run a motorbike check in advance.

So, why are so few motorcyclists taking precautions to ensure their purchase is a worthwhile investment?

Firstly, let’s look at what a bike check tells you and covers you for.

Motorcycle HPI Check

A Motorcycle check like the well-known HPI bike check provides information including:

  1. If the bike has ever been stolen
  2. If it’s an insurance wright off
  3. If there is any outstanding debit (i.e finance outstanding that the new owner could be liable for)
  4. If the bike has ever been scrapped

I think we can all agree that this is worthwhile information to have before buying, especially if the motorbike is valued at more than £1,000.

The motorcycle HPI check also notifies of:

5. Mileage discrepencies
6. Number of previous owners
7. Plate changes
8. Logbook check
9. If the bike has ever been imported or exported

Take every measure to make sure the bike you buy is legitimate. HPI bike checks should be clear of theft, outstanding finance, major accident damage and clear track record of ownership. Anything else and we recommend you simply walk away.