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Vengeance Motorcycles

Vengeance and Fender team up to benefit Kids Rock Free CORONA, CA - APRIL 25, 2005 Update: The ride from the new factory to the Fender museum was a blast. We had Ted Metcalf and Jim Overman among others from the factory staff ride along with us. Fender put on a great...

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Confederate Motorcycles

this data is currently not publicly accessible. Confederate Motorcycles, Inc. was formed on April 2, 1991 with the goal to create handcrafted street motorcycles of unsurpassed structure and quality, utilizing American industrial and mechanical design in its purest and...

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Ability Road Training Motorcycle

The DSA Part 2 Motorcycle Test If you are under 21 years old then you may only take your test on a 125cc and then you are restricted to 33 bhp for two years. If you are over 21 you may take your direct access test on a bike over 46.6 bhp. So assuming that you are...

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Honda Motorcycles Racing – Motocross

The Roberts family is to motorcycle racing what the Andrettis and Unsers are to automobile racing. Kenny Roberts Sr. won the AMA Grand National Championship at 21 years old, making him the youngest rider to have won that title. He took his first of three 500 Grand...

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